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The ONLY authentic FalconFour approved Bundle of Wires . . .


A proven DIY retrofit for enabling CCS1 adapter capability on your older Model 3 (pre-Oct 5, 2020 North American Model 3) when using a Gen4 ECU. Installation video here


If you have a Model Y or Model 3 made after Oct 4, 2020, you do not need to order this. Here's why


1 year warranty and 100% tested.

A Bundle of Wires with a Board (wire harness for automobile)

SKU: Falcon4
$79.00 Regular Price
$49.95Sale Price
  • Due to the low margins, we cannot offer any support, however, we have a community support forum that might be able to help.

    This product is proudly designed by Model 3 owners and assembled in the USA. A portion of all sales is given to FalconFour for his support in originally developing this solution.

    If you are not sure what all this means, please read the info located here.

    "A Bundle of Wires" will allow charging using any DC fast chargers (DCFC) available in North America including NACS, CCS1*, CHAdeMO*, and Superchargers,  something no other EV can offer. It consists of two main parts - a high quality printed circuit board protected by heat shrink tubing and a wire harness.

    * when using the applicable Tesla adapter (CHAdeMO or CCS1)

  • Q: Why are we doing this?

    A: Obviously, this is not our core business nor do we want it to be. We are providing this as a side service because we want to help the Tesla community. In order to offer a low price, we are using this store's platform because it's already set up and therefore doesn't cost us any extra to add products. Ultimately, we share the same vision as Tesla in trying to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and one of the best ways to do this is offer affordable (basically at our cost + time) solutions that enhance the EV driving experience.

    One of the Tesla community member FalconFour figured out how to make it work safely at a minimal cost. When FalconFour asked for help in providing another source for "A Bundle of Wires" because it was so labor intensive to build, we stepped up.

    Q: Is this retrofit still needed for non-Tesla Superchargers with the NACS plug?

    A: Yes. Behind the NACS plug is still CCS so your Model 3/Y will still need to be CCS enabled in order to communicate to the DC fast charger.

    Q: Will this retrofit allow me to still use Superchargers and CHAdeMO adapters?

    A: Yes, this retrofit will not reduce or remove any existing charging options already available on your vehicle.

    Q: Is this a safe retrofit?

    A: Yes. This retrofit has proven to be sound, safe, and reliable. So far, we have sold over 1500 "A Bundle of Wires" over a 20 month period between us and FalconFour with all satisfied customers. This retrofit doesn't mess with the high voltage or high current portion of the charging circuit so it's also safe for the DIYer. It's all low voltage and low currents. In fact, the service manual does not require powering down the car or disconnecting any batteries.

    Q: Does this void my warranty?

    A: The technical answer is no. However, if you have a failure in the charge port, Tesla could claim it is not covered because of the added board and wires with the Gen4 charge port ECU, but Tesla will need to provide backup.

    In the US, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits product manufacturers like Tesla from conditioning consumer warranties on the use of any original equipment part or service. Furthermore, a manufacturer can only deny warranty coverage if it can demonstrate that a non-original equipment part or related service caused a defect to occur in the original product. In other words, they can't just say it but rather have the burden of proof. The schematics to this retrofit is publicly readily available. Anyone who is in the trade can do the analysis and will conclude this retrofit is safe and 100% compatible with the existing design. The analysis shows that this retrofit is extremely unlikely to cause any damage if correctly or incorrectly installed or even if there was a quality defect. There is also 20 months of additional real world use data out there with over 1000 retrofits with no issues caused by this retrofit.

    In addition, troubleshooting is easy because this modification is fully and easily reversible without leaving any physical signs that it was ever done. So if you have a charge port failure, reverse the retrofit (reinstall your original ECU, remove "A Bundle of Wires ...", if applicable, and reinstall the software) and if it still doesn't work then it's not the retrofit causing the failure.

    Q: It says it is a DIY retrofit. What does this mean?

    A: You will need to install this yourself as this is not a Tesla product and we are not in the installation business. It is as easy as changing out a battery or tire, but a lot less work.

    For the Model 3 for example, you will need a 10 mm socket wrench and a screw driver or trim fastener removal tool. Remove 2 fasteners on the trunk trim and side trim, pull open the carpet behind the charge port while disconnecting the trunk light, unscrew the 10 mm bolt holding old ECU, install new ECU along with "A Bundle of Wires with a Board", reassemble in reverse, and reload software. It should take less than 1 hour including the 20-30 minutes for software reload.

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