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How to drive for free

If you work from home and have solar power, you can control how much solar power you want to charge up your car by using our EVSE adapter (and Power Diverter). The EVSE adapter will divert power to your EV based on what limit you set. If the power is above this limit, then the EVSE adapter will automatically reduce the EV charging load so that the power will be back under your limit. This way you can set the limit to not pull power from the grid. This can also ensure the power back to the grid is managed.

We find that working from home and using a EVSE diverter can keep your EV charged up for free and not waste any power that goes back to the grid. Below is the generation (Yellow) and usage (Blue) profile with the setting of allowing 250W to be pulled from the grid. Notice how well the EVSE Solar adapter tracks the solar generation on a mostly cloudy day. This is very difficult to do manually.


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