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A WiFi home power monitoring sensor with built in MQTT broker.  Works "out of the box" with no configuration.  Two split core CTs (current transformers) for sensing up to 200A with voltage measurement to determine power usage.  Designed to work seamlessly with the SolarAdapter or SolarEVSE.

PowerMC (Power Sensor)

SKU: PowerMC
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    • Works with all US split phase home main panels

    • Two split core 200A capable CTs (current transformers)

    • Supports a third split core 100A CT for solar (option)

    • Works "out of the box" with the SolarAdapter or SolarEVSE - configuration free and no home network or Internet connection needed

    • External antenna

    • Lightweight MQTT broker

    • Supports sending data via REST API like Emoncms

    • Configurable update rates from 1 to 15 seconds

    • View data being sent via Show Data

    • LED Power and connection indicators

    • WiFi STA/AP 2.4GHz with WPS support

    • Signal strength and connection indicators

    • Basic HTML user interface for compatibility with all browsers

    • Open-source firmware

    • Automatic firmware updates via the Internet

    • Supports mDNS addressing 

    • Internal AC/DC 2W RU certified power supply

    • 1 year warranty

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