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How to improve your ROI on your solar system

What is a Power Diverter?

Our mission is to help accelerate the transition to sustainable energy

Our primary market includes those who have solar power generation systems in the US with little to no storage capacity.  We have products that make using solar power (or any sustainable power for that matter) easy and automated to match with the generated power.

For the value minded

Currently, battery technology is evolving and expensive. As a result, many of you have delayed the purchase of batteries. In addition, you realized many power companies are not co-generation friendly and consequently, returning power back to the grid is less economical.

What we offer is a faster return on your investment, typically about 30% faster

Our affordable products and home automation services will help you synchronize your major electrical loads such as HVAC or electric vehicle (EV) with your power generation and usage. This control is also known as power diversion.

Before Optimization

Graph of power usage verses solar generation before using our products

After Optimization

Graph of power usage verse solar generation after using our products

This shows how the electricity usage (blue) is controlled to match closer to the electricity generated (yellow) with minimal exporting of electricity and grid usage (red). This will give you the most economical usage. Notice the before and after Export and Grid percentages.  Exported solar went from 18% to 2% and Grid usage went from 49% to 7%.


WiFi comes standard in all our products for interfacing to mobile devices


Works right out of the box.  Advance features easily configurable


Our products are designed to be energy efficient by using efficient power circuits and microcontrollers


Designed by PV and EV owners and tested in real world use cases


Simple and straight forward user interface that will run flawlessly with any browser. Not cloud based.


Our products are easily adaptable to all EVs, all grid tied home PV systems and most home automation systems

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