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Easy DIY CCS Retrofit for older Model 3s

In order to use non-Tesla DC fast chargers from networks such as Electrify America, EVgo, or ChargePoint, your older Model 3 (before Oct 2020 with chrome trim) will still need to have CCS enabled regardless if the plug is NACS/J3400 or CCS1.

  1. Purchase 1537264-00-B from a Tesla Service Center for $140 + sales tax. This is not a restricted part so there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to purchase it. You may need to be assertive.

  2. Purchase "A Bundle of Wires with a Board" less than $50 here.

  3. Remove your older Gen3 ECU and install the new one along with "A Bundle of Wires with a Board"(see this video)


  1. Once your EV supports the CCS1 adapter, you may want to buy the CCS1 adapter from the Tesla store in order to use non-Tesla DC fast chargers with CCS plugs. You might need to wait a day before ordering so that the store is updated with the change in CCS adapter support status to allow you to buy. For those non-Tesla DC fast chargers with NACS/J3400 plugs, the CCS1 adapter is not needed.

  2. For support and questions, check out the Community Forum.

Q: Is this retrofit still needed for non-Tesla DC fast chargers with the NACS/J3400 plug?

A: Yes. The NACS/J3400 plug uses only the CCS protocol so your Model 3 will still need CCS enabled in order to communicate to any non-Tesla DC fast charger.

Q: Are these safe retrofits?

A: Yes. the main part is Tesla's Gen4 ECU. "A Bundle of Wires with a board" allows the Gen4 ECU to work with the existing charge port. This is a proven retrofit with over 1500 sold in the last 22 months without any confirmed problems or charging limitations due to the retrofit.

Q: Does this void my warranty?

A: The technical answer is no. In the US, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits product manufacturers like Tesla from conditioning consumer warranties on the use of any original equipment part or service. Furthermore, a manufacturer can only deny warranty coverage if it can demonstrate that a non-original equipment part or related service caused a defect to occur in the original product. Other countries have similar consumer protection laws such as the Canadian Consumer Protection Acts.

In addition, troubleshooting is easy because this modification is fully reversible. So if you have a charge port failure, reverse the retrofit (reinstall your original ECU, remove "A Bundle of Wires with a board" and reinstall the software) and if it still doesn't work then it's not the retrofit causing the failure.

Q: Will this retrofit allow me to still use Superchargers and CHAdeMO adapters?

A: Yes, this retrofit will not reduce or remove any existing charging options already available on your vehicle.


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