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Now Available - DIY Conversion Kit for your EVSE for only $79

If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer and feel comfortable in opening up your EVSE to make very minor modifications, then this is a great price to acquire a solar power diverter and begin increasing your rate of return. This DIY Kit will turn your EVSE into a smart EVSE with a solar diversion feature so that you can charge on 100% sunshine.

If you ever spliced wires, then you can do this. You'll need a multimeter to make sure you splice into the pilot line and a heat gun if you want to use the provided splicing connectors (heat shrink with solder).

Basic steps: 1. Identify if there is enough room to fit the two boards (see the notes in the product page for dimensions. 2. Locate the AC power in, pilot line and ground lines for the EVSE 3. Splice into those lines using the provided wires and splicing connectors. 4. Connect the two boards together using the power wiring harness 5. Mount the boards (either with tie wraps - provided or provide your own screws. Time to convert: less than 1 hour.


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